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From Idea to Product - Chapter II: Grab pen and paper… And a breadboard

That idea in your mind won’t become a reality by itself. You must grab pen and paper and start drafting circuits. Or get someone to do it for you.

This is when things start getting complicated, and we could say that Circuit Design is the first filter of the hardware design process, because many entrepreneurs do not have the knowledge to do it, or they lack the network to find the appropriate engineering partners. This situation creates a need to learn circuit design, but what happens when you don't have the time to do so, or simply electronics design is not your thing?

A worried entrepreneur trying to learn more about circuit design and electronics
The struggle of trying to learn it all about Electronics overnight

There’s no need to be worried, you can always contact design firms like Bridge PCB Design, that specialize in circuit and electronics design with extensive experience in the matter. This way the process will be in the hands of experts that will get the job done in a shorter period of time, thus letting you focus on marketing, finding investors and other business-related activities.

The result of the circuit design stage would be a schematic diagram, no matter if it’s just a hand sketched one. A quick proof of concept using a breadboard can be made during this stage as well.

A Schematic drawing and electronic components commonly used in Circuit design.
Early stages of a circuit design

Once you’ve figured out the circuit design stage, it’s time to drop all this information into a computer program that will allow you to create the digital schematics for your product, thus beginning the PCB design & Layout process.

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